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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

I'm freezer cooking tonite and tomorrow. Got enough stuff on our shopping trip today to make meals fro at least 2 weeks (and if my family of 6 didn't eat like the whoel Dugger family, I'd have a few months worth. I guess that's what I get for having active kids, all 4 little grils eat like teenage boys! They out eat even DH most meals (and he's a 300lb guy with a big appetite, my kids are range from scary scrawny (the biggest eater) to skinny but buff).

Glad school is done for the week! It's been a busy week and my house has suffered for it.

Hoping to hear back form one of my applications I put in a few weeks ago. I'm anxious to get a per diem job just to get out and maybe make a little money whole I'm at it (I'm going thru yarn withdrawls. I'm knitting my mom a sweater but she wanted crappy cheap acrylic I want a few sweaters out of yummy wool for me, I have yet in my whole 6 years of knitting made anything for myself). Plus I'd like to get out of debt. I figure with anything I make 50% to debt, 20% to savings, 10% to charity and the other 20% divided between me and hubs for our hobbies. I can dream right?
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