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Re: Updates

I am 25 weeks, it really IS flying by! We had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and everything looked great, baby measuring on the smaller side of average, which is fine with me after my last 10+ pounder. I feel more like I did with my first, and he was big too, but 5 weeks early. The ultrasound put me back 6 days for my "due date" but my midwife knows that we know our dates, and I couldn't have had a positive pregnancy test 3 DPO. The due date is just a guess at 20 weeks anyway, too many variables to make it anything close to accurate. Anyway, the smaller baby, mini-bouts of nausea, Chinese gender predictor, and overall inability to engage in anything but purple on the knitting needles makes me think this is a girl. I was dreading the girl factor in the beginning, but now I think I might actually be sad if it is another boy. Gotta love those preggy hormones!

I am wearing compression stockings to help with my varicose veins and might have to start wearing a maternity belt, as the belly is starting to ache towards the end of the day. But, I am still 3 pounds below my conception weight, so yay for that, even though I do look/feel "fat all over" like some say is typical of carrying a girl.
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