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Re: baby-led weaning

My DD started solids a couple of weeks ago. Loves the baby rice cereal, she will even hold the spoon. Which is the main reason I looked into baby-led weaning. I have read that baby's may or may not take to foods straight away, and can take up to 10 or 15 times of tasting something before they TRULY decide if they like it or not. Baby-led weaning can be a little awkward because we assume 'they can just do it', but just remember they are learning everything for the first time. It will take a few goes with food, and several mops of the floor before they get it.

For me, I would keep trying if I thought my DD was picky. Different food every couple of days, then at the end of the week go back to the first one that was tried at the beginning, you never know maybe they will like it then.
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