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Originally Posted by ingrid5699

I'm sooo sorry. I was afraid that was going to happen because it did everytime my babies measured behind on growth and hbs :-( Btdt 3 times if you count Patrick's twin. Hope the D&C was easy physically and you're home resting and taking care of your emotions.
Thanks, it was easy physically. The easiest part is that overnight, my hyperemesis has disappeared, so my husband has claimed them for flus and hangovers... Of course, everytime someone says something nice to me, I cry, but still, I'm not puking, so there's improvement.

I have to be honest, in the midst of grieving, I'm looking forward to a beer tonight and I had caffeinated coffee this morning. That doesn't make me a bad person, right? And somebody please try to convince me I WILL get pregnant again because honestly, that's the ONE thing that scares the $h1t out of me.

On a touching note, when my mom left, she told me not to worry about The Inhabitant (that was her nickname for Bug, creepy, I know) because his uncle was up there taking care of him. She was speaking of her 10 week loss Fallopian rupture, which was noted to be a boy during her surgery. I thought that was a beautiful thing to say to me.
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