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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by prila84 View Post
Do they let you decline? after doing lots of research i've decided i want to decline if my results come back positive but our hospital won't allow us to decline (i have kaiser). Also from what I 've seen, midwives test for group B strep but usually do not administer antibiotics...
I had Kaiser for many years in the past. But, that's beside the point. They can't force you to take anything. If you go in and are in labor, they can't turn you away and also cannot legally force you to take something. Now, that said, if you refuse the antibiotic and something happens, they can (and Kaiser would) deny to pay for the treatment for it. But, you can always deny it. It's your right as a patient. In some cases, hospitals or drs. can refuse to treat you if you refuse to follow their treatment, but if you are in active labor, they can't turn you away.
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