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Originally Posted by ingrid5699
((((Hugs)))) No that makes you a normal person. I keep thinking to myself if I m/c at least I will feel good again and can have beer and Sushi. Which is nuts of course because I want this baby more than anything but I think that's just the way the human brain works. Hyperemesis was the reason why I opted for D&Cs btw-there was NO WAY I was still going to be puking my guts out for a non viable pregnancy (gah-HATE that term!).
Your Mom sounds really nice. Has she has many losses? It sounds like it.
I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll get pregnant again quickly and easily with a sticky baby!!!!
Thanks! She's lost 3 between my brother and I (9.5 years apart!). We are going to use progesterone for two cycles, and start TTC again mid December. As much as I want a THB, I don't want to take the first few weeks of school off when I'm already on shaky ground with her. Besides, I'd like extended time home with a baby, so December starts to line up with all that. It will give me a chance to miss this one too so I'm not dealing with residual grief when I get pregnant again KWIM?
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