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Re: Does measuring big always mean big baby??

No, no and no again!

This is a sensitive subject for me. But going the other way. I was told that my baby had IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). I was measuring small, but always had in previous pregnancies. Nothing new. About 3 weeks behind.

I ended up at the perinatal Docs office at 27 weeks pregnant because my OB's ultrasound machine was down. I went expecting just a routine US. Well by the end of the appt. I was devastated. I had an 8 week vaginal US to date my preg. The baby was right on at 8w 3d. So at 27 weeks, she was measuring 24. So i would go to the peris office 2 times a week for stress tests and a US to check fluid/HR and tone. I would also have growth US every 3 weeks. Each growth US she would be further behind in her growth. 3 percent overall. But since my fluid and her HR was stable i was able to carry her to 35 weeks. Ween they told me that IUGR babies have a higher rate of death after 36 weeks, an induction was at hand. I was of course terrified. I thought the doctors were right, why would they be wrong? i had an amnio to check for lung maturity. They were mature and she was ready to be born the next day.
I went in for my induction expecting to have a 4 pound baby. That is what she measured the day before, YES, the day before during my amnio. 4 pounds even.
12 hours later my beautiful 35 weeker was born and weighed in at 6 pounds 1 ounce! I WAS LIVID AND I STILL AM. I did what i thought was best for my baby, by having all this monitoring and tests, when in the end she was actually LARGE for a 35 weeker. I had i gone to term she would have been more like 8 1/2 pounds. She was 19 inches long at birth. We also expected her to be about 16 inches long.
US and fundal measurements can be WAY off, as here in my story. This could easily be turned around and a mama can be unnecessarily induced for a LARGE baby and give birth to a tiny one.
Of course, if your baby is in danger, then you do anything humanly possible to save them, just like i did. But ask lots of questions and know that the darn US can be off by 2-3 pounds....IMO a HUGE variance.
sorry so long. I just cant stand doctors saying that babies are too big or too small and need to be induced for no reason whatsoever. Your body can handle a big baby or a tiny one. Plus fundal hieght can vary by who measures, foods eaten, bloating, babies postition etc.
And yes, the US machine my peri used was the newest GE 4D US machine.
THanks for reading if you have read this far. Just a sensitive topic for me.
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