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First Midwife visit!

Today was the first midwife appointment, going to the same midwives who delivered DD (although I met their new midwife today). There was a lot of paperwork junk, opting out of tests, etc. I was very happy to find out how supportive they were of bypassing the majority of testing. They don't need a PAP done, don't need prenatal screening since I had my iron checked for WIC and they know my blood types, etc. I asked for a dating U/S just so I can get a clear idea since my cycles fluctuate a lot. So I'll get that, GD screen, GBS screen, and the 20 week anatomy U/s, and that should be about it. Best of all, she got a heartbeat on doppler, mid 150s We're about 11 weeks and things are going good, and we have a heartbeat, what a warm fuzzy feeling
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