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Re: poop training?

We've the polar opposite with our DS. He's been pooped trained since Jan and he's almost 26 mos. we're still working on the pee. He doesn't seem to mind when he's wet (diapers or trainers) and have times gone without pants on! Although in the last few days I've noticed that he's picked up the signs when he needs to go pee and peed in the potty!

One of the kids at daycare has similar issue where she wouldn't go poo on the potty at all. She'll go in her underwear several times a day! No rewards, praise, whatsoever worked. I think she may be rebellious and maybe just not ready to go. Have you tried books or the special potty that "sings" when they go? There are also potty dolls to help illustrate as well. We haven't tried any of them since our DS mastered pooping on the potty right away but may be helpful.
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