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Hi. My name is Frieda and I'm a wrapping n00b. I have a ring sling that I love for quick trips and I made a mei tai that I use often, but I really want to wrap. I bought some Osnaburg around 6 months ago to try it out and just never got around to hemming and dyeing it. I believe I have about 5 or 6 yards. I've tried a few times to get DD on my back (back when I bought the fabric) but she wasn't very cooperative and then planning for her birthday put the whole project aside.

She's currently 16 months and I'll probably only use back carries and I think I'd like a ruck carry. The only time I carried her in front was one day in the mei tai when she was sick and refused to be put down. I'm 5' 3" and 100 lbs, DD is about 22-23 lbs. What length would be best for me? (Preferably not in meters). I know nothing about sizing except that short wraps are better for the ruck carry and longer wraps are better for front carries.

Any other tips or tricks? I still don't really know baby wearing lingo so acronyms will be lost on me. Thanks!

Just for fun, I'll add a pic of the mei tai I made The other side has black instead of chevron with the intention of that being DH's side, but he decided he doesn't want to use it. Ugh, I could've had another pretty print!
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