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Originally Posted by love2row

The client that I worked with who used Hypnobabies (and also the associated doula training that I went through) used scripts and cd's while you were learning, and then also used a set of for use during labor. The mama used most of the script on cd by herself while she was in early labor, and then we also had them playing on the cd player in the room. At some point those cd's got turned off & I took over - but really helping her more with the cue words when a surge was coming on and then when it was over.

I'm sure there are a lot of different methods on how you use this and I can only speak to my one experience.

lilbitcrunchy - did you maybe do Hypnobirthing insteat of Hypnobabies? The breathing aspect of it sounds more like the "birthing" method and I know that they don't use scripts during labor. It's just all so confusing.
Nope I bought the hypnobabies program from another mama for cheap and did the self study. I guess I wasn't viewing the tracks as scripts. They don't have to be playing in labor. My point was that in no way are you forced to be stuck on a chair with someone talking/reading to you to keep you hypnotized. It is completely possible to do it in your own and to be mobile. I used earbuds during early labor but didn't use it during active labor, just put myself in center. I didn't think it would work at all. I fell asleep every night listening to them, no idea how any of the tracks ended and I didn't even practice much during the day. But I know for a fact that at no time during my labor did I feel like the "pain" was too much. 100 % difference from my first where I was freaking out at even 2cm and the labor was shorter than my second.

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