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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 14th-20th

My DS had a horrible day yesterday, and I had anxiety through the roof by the end of it....we had family in town to visit and celebrate my grandmothers birthday. She's in a nursing home, so we all met up there for the early afternoon party. As we're walking into the building on the sidewalk, my 2 yr 2 mo DS was toddling ahead of me a couple steps trying to catch up to my mom (who he adores). Somehow, he got his feet tangled up and next thing I knew he was hitting the ground. Unfortunately his forehead caught his fall with the most sickening thud I've ever heard from him, I thought for sure his head would be split open. It had almost instant swelling and a big goose egg forming right in the middle. To top it off, I thought he had blood coming out of his nose initially, but the fall hit hard enough that his nose was all scraped up, and the skin between nose and mouth was bright red and missing all the skin. The nurses inside helped up clean him up, and he seemed ok though mommy was not.

He didn't meet any of the clinical signs that he needed to see a dr or ER. Not a half hour later, he slipped on a wet spot in the "party" room of the nursing home, and I thought he'd knocked a tooth out that time because his teeth/gums were a little bloody. None of them seem loose though.

Afterwards, we were back at my aunts house in town, and he was playing with my cousins wife, and knocked his head on a stairrail banister. Then, he was playing with the same cousins daughter (same age), and as he tried to slip through a small gap between my uncle and a kitchen cabinet, he tripped over my uncles foot and fell. No apparent injuries from these last two injuries.

I mean REALLY? How much more stress can a momma take?? He never has bruises, etc and he roughplays just like the other kids. I don't know why the issues yesterday. He got a few doses of Ibuprofen yesterday afternoon and evening and slept well (late actually since he got to bed so late). The knot seems better this morning but he's tenderly rubbed it a couple times and said ow.

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