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Re: Gymboree, Osh Kosh, Gap, etc

I buy CLEARANCE - like DEEP clearance...
I just bought a bunch from Gymbo - shirts $5 something bottoms $7 something (then take off 20% for a coupon)...I buy the kids "fancy outfits" there a year ahead - or like for us we can get away with short sleeve I just got the firls some pink and green dresses for the holidays...Parker already had a shirt I got last year on clearance in the green tone...

I just placed a huge gymbo order - for $230 (with tax)...
14 shirts
12 bottoms(pants and shorts)
2 dresses
2 jammies
16 socks
18 bows (most in 2 packs)

That was for all 3 little kids (oldest isn't in their size)
plus I got $100 in gymbucks...usually with those I buy gifts for family/cousins, or buy "basics" like jeans or coats. Luckily we live in the south so we don't normally have HUGE climate changes so even "out if season" stuff is still appropriate to wear currently for our "season"

For my oldest (who like places like Abercrombie, Aeropostale, etc) When I go "home" where my parents live I hit up the consignment shop is a college town so they have an abundance of those brands at the consignment shop and I like the prices much better!

The little girls do hand me downs too - I try to buy stuff that is very "classic" in style vs. trendy (like hannah montana)
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