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Re: Night Time Challenges and YOUR SOLUTIONS, PLEASE!????!!

I thought I had posted earlier but I must have hit the wrong button as my DS peed- missed a catch! Anyway, I'm definitely not an expert at EC since I just started with my newborn six weeks ago but, I can identify with some of your frustrations. I think it's great that you are responding to his signals but at night, you really need your rest. In Andrea's book she explains that sleeping and eating both trump pottying at night. In other words, pottying is not nearly as important as sleep for you and your little one. I tend to want to be consistent with everything all the time too but the truth is, life is never going to be consistent all the time, especially with a little one- and I have THREE little ones under 5 yo. I think Your DS will be able to adjust to the changes that happen when you can't potty him at night. EC-ing part time is totally ok, too. I get frustrated with my DH too, when he doesn't understand how i am trying to help us save money on washing diapers by doing EC. When i talked to him about it, he said its not that he doesnt care, hes just so busy trying to take care of everything else (paying bills, etc.) that EC takes the back seat. Andrea also has a section in her book that is nicely laid out for dads to understand how to EC. Anywho, get the rest you need so you can be the best wife to your DH and mama to your DS. Because if the mama's not happy, nobody's happy!
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