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Re: Night Time Challenges and YOUR SOLUTIONS, PLEASE!????!!

Dang !!! Thnk YOU STRO NG u totally know just how to explicitly tekll me and interpret rhe book...i must say it is really challenging to be a wife a momma and just try to be ME.. I never never thought an infant could strain our realationship sooo much!!! It,is the hardest job...and I raced Ironman triathlon!...thnx...i did read diaoper free and another EC book...i like what u say.foood/sleep trumpEC... Hmmm u also say happy momma .= everybody happy...
I gtta learn to b better wife, but truly...i am doi ng g the darn besf job I can without commiting suicide or insane asylum or, turn to food/alcohol..
DH sys if he eseesus happy then its all good .wow!
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