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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Aiyana- Did you hear back on jobs yet?

After doing this intense therapy program with my oldest and being gone 6-7 hours everyday with the kids... I have to say KUDOS to ye working mamas! I honestly am in awe about how you do it all. In order to feed the kids REAL food (with snacks of energy balls, ww muffins, etc), I spent yesterday baking and preparing for this week. I made a batch of freezer meals because by the time we get home around supper time, I am sooo tired. Now 4 meals this week are taken care of. Then I baked granola and muffins for breakfasts... Didn't manage to work out at all last week and so on.
This week I'm more prepared and so hopefully the next 5 days will run more smoothly. I miss being at home, making cheeses, and being the farmwife and mama. Can't wait for 3 more weeks! We are blessed to be a part of the program and can't wait to see results!

Not much happening on the farm. DH is fixing some equipment, needs to fix fence (always), taking care of livestock, and bush-hogging the hills. The farm always looks so pretty and clean when that happens!

Okay, all 4 kids need their noses wiped... Have a great day ladies! Anyone growing a winter garden? I just saw a friend and she has the whole tarp thing going and everything. She is doing bok choy, cabbage, and a few other things that can grow in cold weather. Apparently growing a winter garden is more based on light? Very interesting (didn't think you could grow things in the snow!... she said it tends to go dormant in december then picks back up in late jan!).
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