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Does anyone here workout super early in the morning? If so what do you do to keep yourself motivated to get up that early? Any tips for pre-work out food that can be quickly consumed and be good enough to fuel my body for the workout?

Right now I normally run after dropping my oldest off at school then I do my weight lifting with DH around 4:30pm. This has always worked well because baby normally napped while DH and I lifted (we have a home gym) and if he wasn't napping he was content in the playpen. Now that he is a little older and walking he wants nothing to do with the playpen. His naps have also changed and he is no longer napping during a time I can get to lift.

So my idea is to start getting up around 5:00am and start lifting by 5:30am while both kids are sleeping. Then I can still get my run in after dropping my oldest off at school.
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