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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
it's possible. Grace didn't lay for over a week, but when we went and got the rest, we got an egg the first or second night. Then a cpl days later they started laying. It's been about a month I suppose now? I think they are finally all laying.

I'm so sorry you are having so much dang trouble. But, it may get the other in geere (sp).
Hey if the RIR don't get in gear, I can go back and get 3-5 more from our pastor and put them in the soup pot. And then start fresh in the sprint.

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
Well, I turned him in. I couldn't let it go. Talking about the guy we got the rocks/cochin from. This is what I wrote, kinda got carried away.

I got some chickens a while back and the condition they were being kept in actually made me cry the whole way home. The man lives with his mother and is prob early 20's. He even shows in the fair, don't know how. He is a self proclaimed hoarder. He also hoards chickens. Orders eggs after eggs to incubate. His chicken pens are the size of dog pens and piled 3 high in some places. it's just rows and rows. There is no access to clean water. Some have pie pans filled with muddy water full of fecal matter. He feeds very little and the chickens are tiny and stunted. I got a little May pullet that was the size of a healthy 5wo. The 6mo rocks I got were 2X smaller than my 6mo's. There is around 3 inches of waste in the bottom of every pen, and no shelter. The cochins were in such bad shape that I had to soak them in dawn water to unmat their feathers. The hens has little feathers and the roo had been so overcrowded his tail feathers had been rubbed off and were raw. Even my son cried when we left. A month later and I'm still struggeling to get them feathered in and up in their weight. I'm amazed at the colors comeing out. They were so pail and malnourished. I can't even immagine the conditions in the house. At the time my husband would only allow me 5 chickens. When he saw how bad it was, my tough man allowed as many as he would allow us to buy. He has this odd addiction to holding onto them. He sells, but mainly hoards. These animals need to be seized! They deserve to taste grass, to move around more than 3X3 pens. The eggs are just laid upon the filthy manure. Yuck. Please, PLEASE, do something. Please. There are pleanty of good people willing to provide the medical care and basic provisions these poor chickens deserve. I'd even be willing to addopt a cpl more. He offered to sell me one pullet that was on her deathbed, at $10 and she was the size of a 6wo. I couldn't take her as we just didn't have that much money to sink into treating her wounds. Just to have her die. Also, she really needed seperate houseing. Supposed to be 5-6 mo. I do have a cpl pics of the first 2 we got. I also have some pics of the second batch. We went back to get more. My husband just couldn't take it. I'd be happy to share the pics I have. His address is: XXXXX God bless you for all that you do. The Lord provided these animals as a gift, to be treated as such. Even our animals that are for food deserve a happy healthy life. Not cruelty like this. these chickens were too terrified to leave the coop or run for 2 weeks. Once they got a taste of the greens, they are just as happy as could be. My husband has vowed to never eat any of the chickens we got from him, instead he wants them to just enjoy the rest of their lives here, even after they nolonger lay. I really don't want this guy to know my name please. I don't want trouble.
Thanks for your time and God bless, Sarah.
:clap: Good for you.
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