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Re: Nice way to wake up....

Originally Posted by JenniJ View Post
So I have a really nasty summer cold and last night after work I basically came home ( I am off at 2am ) and went to bed, well some time around 5 the baby was going nuts ( I am almost 28 weeks ) then I felt something on my tummy, so in a daze i thought he can't kick inside and out, turns out DH was in bed with me playing with my belly to get the baby to kick, when he noticed I was awake he looked surprised then said sorry you don't normally wake up, haha so now I wonder how long he has been " bonding" with the baby!!!!
how CUTE! I had to laugh at his comment, you don't normally wake up?
that is soo sweet! what a great dh you have, mine is always playing with the baby and wakes me up because the baby kicks soo hard! lol
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