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Re: Creighton anyone?

Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah View Post
Kap7270, I hope you don't mind if I ask a question.

I have done NFP in the past (charting temps, cervical mucous, cervical changes, and other cyclical changes). I have not been able to figure out how to use that information to TTA. I have fertile cervical mucous during the majority of my cycle, when i am cycling. Right now I'm breastfeeding and don't expect to get period or ovulate for at least several months to more than a year, based on past experience. Nevertheless, I have ewcm. How can I be sure a given day is "safe"?
Of course I don't mind! Some women (as you've experienced) do have continuous mucus and it can certainly be confusing but women can usually confidently identify their true fertile window with some expert help. Unfortunately, it's not something simple that I can just explain to you in a post but you really need to work with a well-trained teacher while charting (even if you're not in cycles now). Any Creighton teacher should be able to help you - I can help you find a local one or teach you myself long-distance.
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