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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 22-28

Originally Posted by NewbieSAHM View Post
I'm in the 2WW with the last cycle on Clomid before DH needs to get checked out. Right now he's not willing to do that - he'd rather just keep trying on our own without any help, even if that takes years. We've been actively trying seven months so this is an emotional time for me! I want to be aggressive about achieving pregnancy!
Is he worried about there being an issue with him or just freaked out by the whole process? I know my DH had to "give his sample" at the office cause we lived an hour away so there was no other option but I know if you live pretty close you can do it at home and take it in so its not that bad. Mine was relieved that there was no issue with him, of course that put all the pressure on me but at least we knew that if I got myself straigtened out that we had a good chance Hopefully it'ss work this month and you won't have to worry about it

FX for all of you waiting / getting close to O! Hoping to see some BFP's from all of you!
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