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QOTW: This is a tough one! I'd want to sleep, but then I feel like I'd be wasting perfectly good hours of freedom! So, maybe sleep in a little bit haha. Then, I want brunch. A real deal, fancy brunch with omelettes and fruit and pastries, and smoked salmon and whatever other amazingness I'm forgetting. Then, I'd like a nice walk in the woods. I think I'd spend my evening shopping and doing other errands that are tricky with kids in tow, because I have to be kind of practical!

I'm trying to decide if my miserable sinuses are having problems with allergies, or if it's a mild cold. If it's a cold, then I'm doomed to a miserable winter since this is round 3 since getting pregnant. I usually never get sick, but pregnancy messes with my immune system. This is also the first year in 5 or 6 that I skipped the flu shot. Not convinced that I will be happy with that choice as the winter goes on...
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