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I usually do a search of ended listings for things similar to what I'm getting ready to list for sale & use that as a gauge for how to list mine. I try to list by item (pants/tops/etc) & then combine brands if it's needed, but I keep the brands on the same level based on their retail prices (does that make sense?). I've noticed it really depends on the item for them being listed alone or in lots. I sold a pair of Lucky brand sweat pants that were pretty well loved & still fetched $39 (additional for shipping) for the one pair with all the wear disclosed. I get $10-15 for a used Victoria's Secret bra, but couldn't get $5 for a FRB full of brand named women's clothing. I find that for adult clothing, it's not worth the time & effort to list the item unless it's in demand & that's why I do the search on ended listings first before I spend the time on pics & listing an item. For children's/baby items, lots seem to do a lot better for me, as to where lots of adult clothing don't seem to do as well.
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