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Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs

Thanks for your insight. It was not a difficult delivery. I pushed 2 or 3 times total and needed no help getting him out. He definitely did not show any symptoms prior to the boney lump that I noticed this morning. He has never seemed to be in pain from it. The dr called the fracture a green stick fracture. It did look on the x-ray like it had been previously connected because one side sort of splintered if that makes sense. But, I also did read about the condition you are talking about. Thanks for the heads up! He has an appt in about 2wks. I'll mention to the dr then that I'd like to have it x-rayed again just to make sure.

Thanks everyone!
Green stick does not at all sound like what pseudoarthrosis looks like! I think it will heal up beautifully but it will take some time, prob a few months for tre bump to lessen. Good luck, and congrats on your new bundle of joy
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