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Re: New to the group

Thanks for the warm welcome ladies.

mamaloveswool - I think we may have to try something different for the rest of potty training. My son does not mind the pull ups at all. He is doing great with peeing in the potty but REFUSES to poop in the potty. He holds it all day at daycare because they watch him closely. Then as soon as he's home and his father and I are distracted he poops in his pull ups! Then he tries to act like he didn't. He does really want to wear his big boy underwear, but I've been reluctant to let him in case he continues to poop in them. I'm not sure why that seems so much worse to me to clean poop from underwear than it did to cloth diaper but for some reason it does. Hrm... typing this out is making me reconsider...

Have you guys encountered that at all? Any thoughts?
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