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Re: poop training?

I came to ask the same question and saw that you guys were already discussing. My son turned 3 in September. He's been pee potty trained since early September but does not want to go poo in the potty. At daycare they work on it a lot, so he has taken to holding it until he comes home. He then usually goes within a half hour of coming home. I've tried to monitor him closely, but right when we get home is always a bit crazy so he slips it past me. He went for about 3 days recently w/out going and I was worried that he was making himself constipated so when he finally went I opted not to try to get him to the potty that time. I know for a fact that on an ongoing daily basis he is not constipated though. I just don't know what to do because none of the treats or even the idea that he can wear big boy underwear seems to matter to him.

Gonna stay tuned to see if you guys come up with any good ideas Good luck to us all!
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