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Re: poop training?

Here is what worked for our DD: We were having the same problem..she turned 2 in July, and we finally decided to take the bull by the horns and start potty training in September, instead of continuing to wait for her to indicate she was ready. She picked up on the peeing from day 1, and did wonderfully with it...but she wasn't pooping in the pot. We were wearing panties on her around the house, obviously, and she would just poop in her underwear, then come tell me (even before PTing, she would go hide behind the couch when she pooped, which is a sign that they're able to control and recognize when they have to go). I would stand her in the tub while I took her undies off so that the poop wouldn't hit the floor or anything, so then she would start asking to go "poop in the tub"! I would try to put her on the potty, and she would just get hysterical and sooo worked up...wasn't working. Finally, I just decided to take her panties totally off and let her run around without any bottoms on when I could tell she was heading behind the couch, or if her mannerisms indicated that she had to poop. She did NOT want to poop without something there to catch it, so she would dance around the potty anxiously, and hold it in as long as she could. When I could tell it was really last minute, I would gently guide her bottom onto the potty so the BM could land in there. Once it came out, she was SOOOO excited and proud...but it went like this for a few days, the anxiety was really her biggest issue. Gradually, she became more comfortable, and now she's fine, and will tell us if she has to go, we haven't had any poo accidents since. The other thing, and people have different opinions on this, but we did promise her that she could have 4 jelly beans (her favorite) when she pooped on the potty. When I started her pee PTing, I didn't offer any rewards, and she picked right up on it, but then my DH misunderstood, and thought the treats were for every time, not just pooping, and so DD was asking for a jellybean or gummy bear every time, but we only do once in a while now....good luck, mamas! My next feat is PTing for sleep times, too...I'm clueless!
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