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Favorite cheap crock pot meals

As of tomorrow, I have six weeks until my due date! Yikes! I've decided November 10/11 I will be making two months worth of meals for the freezer. I don't want to have to actually cook too much over the weekend, so I am wanting to do crock pot meals.

I would especially love meals that you can put pre-cooked chicken or turkey in verses raw meat, as it is cheaper for me to buy whole birds and split the meat between meals than to buy boneless meat to cook in the crock pot. Absolutely not willing to bone a raw chicken, I just can't handle that. I rather pay more for boneless raw meat.

Also, soups and stews are not going to work well for us. As much as I wish they would, my kids flat out won't eat it. While I am all for making my kids try new things, we've been there, done that enough times that I know it is pointless, and it will just create a power struggle and leave me with hungry kiddos.

Last requirement is we cannot eat pork, shellfish, or peanuts due to allergies/sensitivities.

So, what is your favorite crock pot meal?
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