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Re: long cycle, clomid question LONG **Update**

Hi. I'm new to the group wanted to share. I am 25 pg weeks with my clomid baby boy. After 12 cys ttc, a life of long cycles w/severe cramps & heavy bleeding, plus an early m/c & a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes both in my 9th cy ttc, my first round of clomid + my first IUI were my miracles.

As soon as the diabetes was controlled & I got the go-ahead from my docs, I took 50mg of clomid, cds 6-10 (smallest dose & later than most take clomid). From cd 6-19 (the day of IUI), I used evening primrose oil capsules & expectorant cough syrup to help with cm, which was never a known problem before clomid. But I had my best, most plentiful cm that cy! During the IUI, the nurse practioner even commented three times about my "beautiful cervical mucus!"

I will keep you in my thoughts, and hope your miracle comes soon. And I am ALWAYS willing to talk about my experiences & what I learned along the way... let me know anytime you want to talk!

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