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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

Raisingcropsandbabies: wrangling the kids is slowing down a little. DD#3 only goes to speech once a month now and if he's availiable DH likes to take her (if I have to take her it means taking all 4 and waiting in the van by the office door while she has her appointment. Though last week she wanted me to take her so DH stayed with the other 3, he needed his sleep anyway and YDD and Dh were napping when I left. Since it was just me waiting I asked if it was ok if I took a walk (very small town clinic with speech and physical therapy in the walk out basement area, I know everyone there and pratically the whole town) so I jogged until I couldn't stand the chest pain anymore (non cardiac related I have spinal issues) and then walked back to the clinic and then around the clinic for the entire hour, was great.)

I have not heard back from any of my applications yet. I know the nurse manager of the ER is interested but it takes months to get thru the red tape enough to get an interview. They are short staffed and really need a per diem or two, that's where I'm really hoping to work. I need the faster pace, the nursing home just makes me antsy after wake up is done. My mom works there and I had applied for the posted job on the medical surgical unit but they took my app down to the ER because I have previous training as an EMT (I get all my info thru my mom. The nurse manager has cornered her a couple of times to get info on me I guess). But like I said, it takes a ton of time to get past the red tape in the hiring process at the Hospital.

I wouldn't be working a full time or even steadily, just filling in when needed, maybe a day or two a week at the most. But it'll be good to get out and working again!
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