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Only "bad" for me is sore nipples for a couple wks while they get used to the baby sucking but I can deal with it no prob b/c I love having a BFing relationship with my baby.

I would suggest having a pump on hand b/f baby arrives. I started pumping within the week I was home. Some people don't like being strapped to the pump and having to take it places but I don't mind at all. If we're going somewhere I'll take it with me and pump in the car if I need to (love car adapters!). Check to see if your insurance will cover all or part of the cost of one. I only paid $40 for mine b/c my ins paid most.

Get a nursing cover. If you aren't comfortable NIP you'll want one plus it comes in handy for pumping on occasions (like in the car).

So many goods of BFing. I love the closeness I have with my baby and the alone time we get together during those times. BFing is very portable. Don't need to take any bottles or heat anything up! Less in my dipe bag! I know my baby is getting the best food possible and when sick my antibodies help her get better.
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