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When baby is howling / pukey, wanting to nurse but popping off, etc, instead of listening to 'oh you dont make enough milk' consider eliminating things from your diet instead ( dairy, caffeine). Its something like 1% of women truly dont produce enough.

Babies are supposed to nurse way often and on demand. Its critical for your supply that you allow it. Even those annoying short nurses just to nod off.

Oversupply: others have mentioned it, but dude, i am still spraying at 7weeks pp. I use a prefold to catch my spray. Also, let your baby pop off and wait for the letdown to slow. Otherwise they're a sputtering mess.

Avoid using soap on ypur nipples, or rinse reaaaalllllly well. It dries them out - not something you wanna deal with on top of soreness.

Some babies sleep stretches. Some dont. Doesnt mean you arent making enough (you are!) Or that hes not full (he is!). Its normal.

And remember that breasts were here long before bottles and formula so yes, it IS possible to nurse exclusively

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