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Re: MS support

It's been 4 weeks since this was update.... how is everyone doing? Anyone still finding themselves in the MS boat?

I thought I was in the woods when I went almost a week straight with just a little nausea and no real vomiting. Boy was I wrong. It's picked back up full force within the last week or so and hasn't let up since.

This is by far the longest I have ever been sick! I do have a bad gallbladder that was supposed to be removed 2.5yrs ago when LO5 was only 3 weeks old. I put it off because she was still nursing and refused a bottle... and it never really bothered me again so I never went through with having it removed after she weaned. I am wondering now if maybe it has something to do with me being so sick? For example... TMI...... I am throwing up within minutes of eating most foods. Yesterday morning I tried Ramen Noodles for breakfast, thinking maybe they'd help some? Yea, right. I ate half a pack before I could feel them being pushed back up my throat. Ran to the sink just in time to projectile spew an entire mouth full of noodles that had definitely not digested even a little bit. I know a lot of times gallbladder issues arise during pregnancy, so I'm wondering if the pregnancy is "doing it in," I guess you could say.. and that's why I still throw up so much. Maybe, maybe not. I'll mention it to my MW at my next appointment but unless it is truely a dire situation, they aren't removing it until baby is born. Definitely not a risk I'm willing to take.
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