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Vent! and praise

Ugh. Every week night I go to bed at 11pm while my husband going to bed at 9:30. Even though I've posted a list of chores we need to do each night before bed, he just ignores it!

The daycare has been feeding DS all four bottles I send, even though I made clear the fourth bottle is only for emergencies (so he's getting 18 ounces while I'm gone...). They've also been completely unsnapping diapers before putting them on which means they're WAY too big and he's leaking like mad so they're changing his clothes 2-3 times a day (as if I didn't have enough laundry).

I'm only pumping 12 ounces a day (used to be close to 20...), so that combined with the overfeeding at daycare is really stressing me out and not making anything better. And work is so stressful right now - there's a major project I should be working on but I'm TOO TIRED!!

So I also want to give a shout out to all you work-out-of-home mammas - what we do is NOT EASY and usually no fun. You're all superstar moms in my book! I'm glad I have somewhere like here to vent and know that others understand and have been through the same. Assuming you even have time to read vent posts on DS.
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