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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 22nd

Mel - ((HUGS)) So sorry for you loss!!! I have had your family in my thoughts.

AFM - Sorry I disappeared last week too but I had a lot of things going on!!! Some exciting news - We are gonna do IVF!! !!!! I did not even think it would be a possibility but after talking to DH, he revealed that he would be ok with spending up to $50,000 in pursuit of more bio kids Now we are actually kinda low income but DH inherited his granparents home and said we could get a HELOC on it to pay for the treatments. I honestly never thought of that since it is not my house technically.

But things are moving really fast. The last IUI cycle did not work. I called on CD 1 and left a message to have RE review my chart and call me back with his recommendations. Well he called back and said my choices were a laprascopy ( which would be about $8-10,000 since I have no health insurance and then injectible/iui cycles) or move straight to IVF. My clinic offers a refund program where is you dont have a live birth after 6 IVF attempts, you get the fee back. So that is what we are gonna do. RE said ok, come in tomorrow for B/W and anterior follicle count (?) to see if you qualify. I did and we did !!!

I go on Thursday for a mock embryo transfer and endometrial biopsy to make sure all is well to precede. Already started my BCP and will start the Lupron in a couple weeks. I am so excited and nervous!! I honestly never, ever thought this was an option or that it would happen so fast!!

Update please
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Treatment and meds: BCP, starting meds soon for IVF
Next Appointment: 10/25 for endo biopsy and mock transfer
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