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Re: Vent! and praise

Hugs! It will get easier and you will find your groove. Sometimes I found with child care a written instruction sheet of the big things is helpful, even a laminated index card with diaper and feeding instructions. That way if the caregiver changes throughout the day (covering breaks or whatever) they can reference that. Cut yourself some slack in the housekeeping/laundry department for a while-do what is essential and let the rest slide a bit. My DH is awesome, he really is, but he would never take initative (even if it was on a list) of things that need to be done, he just doesn't see it. But if I ask him, he is great, happy to help. It drives me a little bonkers that he can't see that kids lunches need to be made and the dishes need to be put away, but I have accepted that he doesn't see it, and if I do ask, he helps. Hope you find your groove soon!
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