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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Oct 22

QOTW: I would surround myself with junk food, sit in my recliner, and watch back to back chick flicks in peace & quiet.. dozing off for a snooze whenever I felt like it.

19 weeks today, 1 week until my anatomy scan. I. Can. Not. Wait.
Physically, I'm doing okay... as I said in the m/s thread, the puking returned about a week ago after an almost week long hiatus. That was the longest break I'd had so far, so I REALLY thought I was in the clear this time. But, I'm dealing. I feel better in terms of "fitness/size" with this pregnancy than I did with my last 3. I'm nowhere near as big as I was with them, and while I am gaining a little faster than I'd hoped for, I'm definitely not gaining as fast as I did with my last couple pregnancies. So that's a plus. Baby is moving a ton these days.

Anyone else find themselves nesting already!? I woke up around 11:30 last night after being in bed only a little over an hour and I had such an overwhelming urge to clean that I couldn't go back to sleep. So naturally, I got up & began the madness. I scrubbed the hell out of my kitchen & bathroom... I'm surprised we have cabinets & floors left. :/ And then I tore into the living room and shampooed the carpet. At 2am. Dh came out to use the rest room and I swear I heard him mutter, "here we go again.." lol. I'm known to be what he calls a "chronic nester" during pregnancy, but I don't recall it ever starting this soon. I think I finally went back to sleep around 3am, got back up at 6 to see him off to work and get the kids ready for school, and I've been going on & off with random cleaning all day so far. I know I'm eventually going to crash hard, but right now I feel fine.
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