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Re: What is your plan/schedule/routine to get housework done?

We have a crazy schedule. Since diaper washing is an every other day thing, we have a two week schedule. Every day is 2-3 things to do around the house to keep it clean. I hated feeling like I spend my whole weekend cleaning and this has made a HUGE difference. I laminated it, and we use a dry erase marker to check when things are done. My DH and I both know its there, so we do what we can. If we miss something, we don't stress, and just wait for it to come up again. Our schedule is VERY vacuum heavy because we have to dogs that shed a lot.

Week 1:
Monday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Downstairs
Tuesday - Dust Downstairs; Put away "stuff" (general tidying); Grocery shopping
Wednesday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Upstairs
Thursday - Dust Upstairs; Put away "stuff"; Evie Laundry
Friday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Downstairs
Saturday - Dust Downstairs; Put Away "stuff"; Mom an Dad Laundry
Sunday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Upstairs

Week 2:
Monday - Dust Upstairs; Put away "stuff"; Wash Towells
Tuesday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Downstairs; Grocery Shopping
Wednesday - Dust Downstairs; Put away "stuff"
Thursday - Wash Diapers; Vacuum Upstairs
Friday - Dust Upstairs; Put away "stuff"; Evie Laundry
Saturday - Wash Diapers; Change/Wash Sheets
Sunday - Clean Bathrooms; Put away "stuff"; Mom and Dad Laundry
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