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A sceptic with a natural birth.

Just wanted to post this because I didn't really think a a painless natural birth was really possible. Yes I had friends who had them, but I didn't really believe. When I was going to have my first kid I wanted to to have a natural birth, but I was two weeks over due, and tried a lot of things to get it going, but alas I had lots and lots of pitocin and requested an epidural. Things still went slow but in the end it all worked and we ended up with a nice healthy cute baby. I was just a little bit disappointed, but honestly didn't really care. But my second, I wasn't so sure I wanted a natural birth, as the epi worked so well for me. But I never even asked for one. I was very uncomfortable yes. It was an unusual feeling, like coughing, or gagging or sneezing is, but I kept reminding myself that it wasn't true pain, and that really helped. It also helped that it was relatively short. I labored at home for about 6 hours and then had a harrowing drive on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, at 4 am with a panicked husband driving like a maniac. Then was only in the hospital for an hour or two, and out he came. My midwife didn't even have a chance to change her shirt. So there you. I am now a believer!
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