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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Oct 22

Oh. But huge news is dd2 is in her sisters room now!!! On a whim I pushed their twin beds together and they thought that was great. She went down no problem and I didn't hear a peep for 12 hours. Dd1 told me in the morning that she did whine for me a couple of times but she "shushed her and got on her side and she stopped" last night I pulled them back part but left them side by side and she still only woke up once for water. Joy! I was prepared for a fight but I guess she was just ready. I have gotten 8 hrs of sleep for the first time in months.
That's great Heather-I remember when we finally told DD no more in our be and if she wanted she could make a nest on the floor beside us. After two night of pulling all her blankets and babies in our bedroom she decided on her own it just wasn't worth it and we finally got our bed to ourselves and some uninterupted sleep...HEAVEN isn't it?
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