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Hooray! After three boys i finally get to knit some pink! Feel free to try me on trades for girly yarn, i mostly love MM but i'm open to others, especially looking for newbie friendly bases (although, seriously, try me on anything, the worst i can do is say no!) and typically i like brighter rather than pastel, although i've always been knitting for boys in the past, so who knows!

Mosaic Moon ming on Cestari 8 oz 50ppd (this one is priced higher because i'm not sure i want to part with could be cute for a girl too, right?)

Wildflower Whimsy "Stephen" super fine merino wool fiber 8oz 35ppd

Marr Haven scraps, i don't know the colorway or the dyer! 2.4oz 11ppd (i found a tiny bit more of the colorway, it's less than .1 ounce, but i'll throw it in for sure!)


Natural Home presents (used to be on hyena cart, but i don't think they are anymore) 8oz doesn't have a colorway name on the tag but i love it for a boy, kind of camo-ish, but a little more fun! SOLD

Mosaic Moon "Goblin" on mountain meadow 4oz in the skein and then 2.2oz in the ball. 32ppd TRADED)

3ply Scraps all purewool, except for the MM Barn Owl 4.2 oz 11ppd sold

Mosaic Moon Custom "Aslan" 8oz on Cestari 43ppd

Cestari scraps 3.8 oz mostly MM, some DH and solids 19ppd traded

Also Cestari 2.4oz 10ppd

[IMG] i ended up using this!

MMW scraps, 4.8oz 22ppd

4oz 3ply Purewool Kieri 10ppd (pending)

4oz 3ply purewool Capricious (i do have some natural i could sell if you want trim for this) 10ppd SOLD

Family pendragon minoan temple on Cestari 8oz colorway, 2oz trim 40ppd

this is towers of raven hill on gaia bulky. There is 4 oz of colorway and 2 oz of trim. i don't even want to finish them now! 32ppd...(pending)

Mosaic Moon "New Grange" 8oz on BFL 43ppdSOLD

okay, i think that's it for now! we don't smoke and we don't have pets. i try to ship the next day, but i'll definitely let you know if something comes up and i can't ship within three business days. i kind of already mentioned my ISO (girly yarn) but i'm also looking for girly NB swaddlebees simplex, nb bum genius, lil joeys or interlock for a girl!

i my boys! Accimus 08.05, Judah Bear 01.08 and Titus Hawk 11.09 And expecting our first PINK baby March '13
Will knit for yarn!

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