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Re: EC challenge with my 15 month old

Hi there Soseemehere!

Good for you on wanting to help your DD pee in the potty. It seems like you are doing the right thing by not getting upset and telling her pee goes in the potty.

I would try to lost the diaper. Maybe you could say we are starting to run out of diapers and once we get these all wet we aren't buying any more. I would let her be in the bathtub when you know she has to pee. First do offer her the potty. Maybe give her something special to hold or play w/ while on the potty. She may relax enough to go. What about going at the same time right along w/ her? Maybe her seeing you go and hearing it may get her to go.

I heard of one family making a silly game out of it by calling the pees. The louder and sillier the calling of the pee the better it worked.

Best wishes and I hope one of these ideas works out for you.
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