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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Originally Posted by 3boys_mom View Post
I have no motivation this week either. But if we take the time off....I don't want to end up behind. We started early to buffer for the inevitable sick days. I don't want to just 'take off'. I'm torn. ILs leave for their vacation in the morning. DH think we should step back a bit with lessons, so WE can have a bit of a vacation as well. Must remember life skills! That counts....
That was me the other day. So instead of taking the whole day off, the kids did about half of their work. The part that didn't really involve me. lol Except for the 5 yr old, who did nothing. We got such a late start, I hate the idea of taking time off, though I know we will at various times. For instance, next month for Thanksgiving. I don't know exactly how much time we're taking off, but we're going back up to Michigan for FIL's 70th birthday. It's a very long day driving, so probably Tuesday through Sunday or Monday, at least.
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