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Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?

Hi there Buko!

How awesome you want to start EC w/ your baby from birth!

I started EC w/ my 3rd DD @ birth. We had her sister's old clothes so I decided to make do w/ what we had. Onesies aren't the greatest for EC but you can still use them. Our biggest issue was forgetting to lift them out of the potty and DD would go and I would find the onesies flap all soaked : (

Eventually what I decided to do was snap them on the side (the left or right hip). This ensured it wouldn't get forgotten and dipped in the pee and it would keep DD clothed.

Don't worry about not having lots of baby experience. Your baby will be your best teacher. It is awesome you are expecting your 1st and already know about EC. It took me 3 kids to learn about it.

Depending on the area you live in you might want to check out and find out if you have a support group near you. Full disclosure I have been a mentor for our group for a few yrs.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions!
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