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Originally Posted by Leiiki
I would really like to pursue an HBAC, and I believe I'm a good candidate (made it to 10cm and pushing, no complications other than positioning, healthy weight). I have met with a midwife, and we are willing to pay her out of pocket, but...I have EXCELLENT health insurance through DH's job, so I'd like to do testing, U/S, etc. through the OB. Pretty much everything is covered and the clinic is literally walking distance, while the midwife is 45 minutes away.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? The placement nurse and the midwife both say the OB I've chosen is supportive of HBAC (within the limits of what an OB can say in these circumstances). What should I do/ask to keep the OB relationship happy in case I need him for a C/S or a hospital VBAC in the end? I have my first appointment on Thurs.
I am doing dual care, but had not had a HBAC. I have insurance too so am doing my labs and stuff thru my OB and still having my MW appts. I just flat out told them. Of course, I had a home birth with my 2nd so I think they suspected. I just told them, I am planning a homebirth but in case I have to transfer, I want a good working relationship with the DR. Every DR is different. This one doesn't seem to care. They are still getting paid, after all. But I've had friends who said their DRs gave them a hard time about it.

Just do your research so you know exactly why you are choosing this path and why you think it is best for you. They should respect that. Good luck!

Let us know how it goes!

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