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Originally Posted by slingmama4
the sicker you are the healthier the baby?

Like the worse the morning sickness the healthier baby is?

I had someone say this to me today. It kinda made me upset because my m/s has been different w/ this baby. However, I'm not focusing on it because I refuse to accept fear and negativity of the what ifs of loosing this baby.

I mean it does make sense to me a bit though.
I had very little, if hardly any, m/s with the baby I lost at 10.5 weeks.
Whereas, I've always had horrible morning sickness with my others.
Yes and no. I have had a blighted ovum where i started with morning sickness, which then stopped and then a few weeks later the bleeding.
I dont get very nauseous but some is a good sign for me. I have had 4 m/c though so i am paranoid.
For some women being super sick can be a bad sign.
So I think it depends. I dont think it guarantees a healthy foetus but can be a guide and a definite source of first trimester anxiety.

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