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So as I mentioned in a previous post I am new here. I'm due Feb 23 with my 3rd LO. I agree with everyone else who has already mentioned...this pregnancy is FLYING by for me as well. I'm 22 weeks as of this past Saturday. We had our 20 week US October 13, and found out this past Saturday at the "gender reveal party" my sister had for us that we are expecting our THIRD little girl!!! DH says he's buying a cot, building himself a bathroom, and moving in the garage lol. So the party...definitely thought it was a crazy idea, but it was so much fun! I was worried that some would think it was a baby shower, and some people did bring gifts thankfully nothing extravagant though. More importantly we did find out that baby was healthy on the 13th. Due to some complications with DD2 I'll be getting another US at 28 weeks and then every 4 weeks after that. I'm finally feeling regular movement which is awesome and so reassuring. My suspicions were confirmed via US, I do have an anterior placenta so my inability to feel movement was normal...but I'm glad I can now. Glad everyone's LOs are healthy and growing!
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