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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
Holly I'm praying for your situation today too. To God be the Glory no matter the outcome

I wish we could do a weekly or even just a monthly chat somewhere. Talk Christian related topics though that's a pretty broad term and almost no one sees eye to eye on every topic. Still it would be fun to talk with y'all about non-salvation related topics- headcoverings, skirt wearing, modesty for little kids, etc. I've thought of starting a few threads but I'm not sure it would fly. Anyhoo- just my random thoughts for today
I would love that! I know I believe a bit differently than y'all on this subject. I believe not doing anything to prevent pregnancies is a personal conviction and not a rule for everyone (I do have issues with hormonal bc, but anyway). We go into lots of prayer about expanding our familiy, want to do God's will, and believe He will answer us... so I do feel like we are leaving our childbearing upto God still... His will be done!

I am switching to wearing all skirts (lots of reasoning including conviction) and have contemplated head coverings plenty of times. It'd be fun and interesting to go into more depth about it all!
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