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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Oct 22

Originally Posted by Maeve Baby View Post
Mama that is the most craziest nestting erge I have heard to date-I ususally just clean, sort and throw stuff out and HOW ON EARTH do you live off of 3 hours sleep???? If I don't get 8 hours I'm soooo tired-and I often still nap for 40min-2 hours per day. You blow my mind!!!
I have NO idea how I am still going today. I didn't nap at all yesterday which is super unusual for me in itself. After I got everything on my "typical" cleaning list done, I decided to attack our cabinets. I purged so much crap and scrubbed them all top to bottom. I was certain that once I ate dinner I would crash hard but no, I kept going! I decided to move in the kids rooms and attack their walls with Magic Eraser. I am hard core addicted to Sons Of Anarchy which comes on at 9 here and Dh kept betting I wouldn't make it to watch. Ha. I watched, and then I stayed up until 1am when I finally just got bored and my eyes were starting to hurt, lol. I wasn't necessarily tired but I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore without feeling a pulling sensation. So I tossed & turned for a while before I finally fell asleep and of course, back up at 6 trying to decide what I can do today. I have NOOOO idea where this CRAZY surge of energy & motivation came from, but this is SUPER EXTREME even for me. I imagine when I do crash, I'm going to crash hard.
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