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I don't do things in the same order every week but I do have a large whiteboard where I put my weekly schedule and I list every room of the house along with the chores I need to get done; laundry, pick up yard, etc. I find that marking things off when I finish them helps keep me motivated to finish my list. Each room gets picked up, dusted, and vacuumed or mopped. I do this once a week. After the room has been cleaned I will try to keep picked up but its just going to get cleaned again the next week so I don't stress too much. I have done this so often that I can get tthings done pretty quickly. And I will do 1 or 2 rooms a day. Now keeping my sink free of dishes is another story.
I just noticed this is in wohm board..but even though I'm not out of home I do this cleaning in the early morning or after dinner.
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